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I am honored to serve as a trained and humble guide as you explore ways to improve, heal, and master your journey as a caregiver and/or educator.

Coaching for Caregivers & Educators

Custom to You

Virtual Coach-to-Client sessions where we explore whatever you are seeking assistance with on your unique journey.

Guided Exploration

Each session I serve as a humble and skilled guide: this time is for you. I listen. I notice. I ask guided questions. I help you explore hard things.

Respecting your Path

I honor and help folks make peace with the past, find calm in the present, and make a helpful map to trek bravely along into their future.

Multi-year Journeying Client Testimonial

"Thank you for everything! Thank you for your support and empathy. Your ability to see and feel others in a way that the general population can't is truly a gift from God. Again, thank you!!!!"

-Multi-year Journeying Client C:)

Some of us had so many bumps along the way, we seem to take notes and remember what helps.  I am honored and humbled to guide others in their 'bumps' and serve as a guide as they come into their agency and mastery as caregivers and educators.

Coaching Process: Obstacles-> Mastery

Step 1: Complete the coaching form

Below you will find the coaching form on this page. Please select the coaching that will serve you best at this time.

Step 2: Proposal, contract, & invoice

After the form is submitted, it will generate a workflow automatically and send you a proposal, contract, and invoice for the coaching you chose on the form.

Step 3:  Schedule your session

Once booked, you will receive a link to schedule your custom session with me (Sarah) after you've made your initial invoice payment. Once booked, you'll receive a guide (optional form) that will help you prepare for the session.

Step 4:  Session Day

On session day, emotionally prepare to be your self (no need to impress or hide, your brave and vulnerable self is welcomed and safe in the strong container we build for you).  It helps to have water handy and open update your technology about ten minutes before to help prevent lags or hidden updates.  I'm excited to meet and journey with you!

Step 5:  Reflections within 3 days

"within about 24-72 hours, I send a little email of a few notes, and share a few relevant insights and research based tools based on our session"

Helping to Create Ease

"Thank you so much, Sarah! With your reassurances and a change of scenery, my panic level has been greatly reduced....

your insights and soooo worth it!!!"

-2021 Client Star:)

Coaching Form Heading

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