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Va Homeschoolers Voice Magazine

"Holistic Learning in the Homeschool"

by Sarah Blunkosky. 
volume 5 | issue 1 | page 26 | January–February 2019

"Ask Us: Attaining Services for Your Child with Special Needs"

by Sarah Blunkosky & Alycia Wright. 
volume 23 | article 1 | January-February 2017

"In Search of the Research on Home Education"

by Sarah Blunkosky
volume 23 | article 4 | September-October 2017

VCU Scholars Compass

Slavery Scholarship Thesis

"Unlawful assembly accounts extracted from the Fredericksburg Mayor’s Court Order Books from 1821-1834, reveal rare glimpses of unsupervised, alleged illegal interactions between free and enslaved individuals, many of whom do not appear in other records. Authorities enforced laws banning free blacks and persons of mixed race from interacting with enslaved persons and whites at unlawful assemblies to keep peace in the town, to prevent sexual relationships between white women and free and enslaved black men, and to prevent alliance building between individuals. The complex connections necessary to arrange unlawful assemblies threatened the town’s safety with insurrection if these individuals developed radical ideas opposing the existing social order, the foundation of which was slavery. Akin to residents of areas where natural disasters like volcanoes always pose a risk of dangerous eruptions, those living in Fredericksburg lived their lives within the town slave society and its potential threats. In an area, state, and region where insurrections occurred, unlawful assembly, whether frequent or infrequent, mattered."

"Unlawful Assembly and the Fredericksburg Mayor's Court Order Books, 1821-1834"
by Sarah Blunkosky.

Articles & Original Research

Beyond My Battle

"Care Partner Perspectives on Down Syndrome and Autism"

by Sarah Blunkosky. 
February 6, 2020

"Responding to a Loved Ones’ Diagnosis"

Guest Speaker: Sarah Blunkosky. 
Episode 8 | August 1, 2020

Pure Nurture

"Postpartum Minimalism and Recovery"

by Sarah Blunkosky. 


"Postpartum Hospital Stays"

by Sarah Blunkosky. 


"044: Planning for a Positive Postpartum Journey with Sarah Blunkosky"

by Sarah Blunkosky

Hi, I'm Sarah

I'm grateful you are here.  I've had a wild learning life: traveled to Europe as a teenager, acted in community theater and an independent film, all interspersed with adventurous teaching jobs and mommin' it.  Few things offer the joy in sharing my geek brain in service to what folks need: a supporter, a problem solver, a shoulder to cry and scream into the void with- I'm here for you.


I am dedicated to helping individuals, many of whom are educators, care givers, and professionals who are needing tools and coaching support in order to blast through obstacles and come into their mastery, and help the mastery of their loved ones in learning and care giving.  I'm a bit of a polymath-part historian, part yoga therapist/coach, part teacher, and part full-time caregiver of my three homeschooled kiddos including my eldest Josie (now 18 oh my). I love the healing tools of research, writing, and the wisdom of movement/embodiment.  As a child of an information engineer, I grew up studying information warfare as a child and  help clients adapt to parenting in the age of weaponized information.

My learning life spanned teaching high school social studies at Open High School in Richmond, Virginia to studying slavery and social history on a graduate school path that pivoted when my eldest daughter's intellectual disabilities and medical needs required an intensive lifestyle shift. I started Learning Heroine LLC (Kinattain®) in 2015 to share the helping tools with others (local in-person and worldwide online).

My mission is helping folks heal in their learning journeys.  Often this happens in exploring why we think certain things about our selves.  Sometimes we need more sensory integration and accommodation in how we are learning, or complete modification of something not working or stuck.  For example, in healing my challenges with numbers, I discovered what is usually referred to as dyscalculia in my own learning journey, and how this showed up in everything from learning phone numbers, not mixing up dates in research papers, or even allowing myself a calculator in doing my taxes.  Then, below the surface of just adapting in the everyday, I also inquired and explored therapeutically how this affected my sense of esteem and confidence in academic environments and in exploring what gifted-ness looks like when you are also told you have a challenge in processing something.

Learning affects us in all levels and layers.  I especially honor the long and ancient practices of yoga in guiding folks in their own self inquiries and self-healing.  As one of my dear teacher says often: "Everything is everything."

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Solutions are in re-patterning and utilizing workable (and research-based) healing tools in the learning journeys of both the individual learner (and often those supporting the learners if they want support too).

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